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Expert's lecture: Piotr Kaczmarek (Baker Hughes INTEQ)

Posted by E. Krzyżak  •  December 13, 2012

Yesterday (12.12.2012) we hosted again Piotr Kaczmarek (Baker Hughes INTEQ). The title of a lecture was: "Petroleum industry through the eyes of a geologist". Mr Kaczmarek made us familiarized with the strucutre of this industry, career opportunities, exemplary job interviews and application process. The second part of a lecture was devoted to principles of drill bits - technical specifications, applications and current trends.

Expert's lecture: Piotr Kaczmarek (Baker Hughes INTEQ)

Posted by S. Żabierek  •  November 16, 2012

Basic Oilwell Drilling' was the title of a lecture presented on 14 November 2012 by Piotr Kaczmarek – Field Engineer/Directional Driller at Baker Hughes INTEQ, former student at Institute of Geology of Adam Mickiewicz University. Mr Kaczmarek, basing on his own experience, tried to focus on problems mainly related to HSE, drilling equipment and mud logging. It was a great contribution to our knowledge about oilwell drilling.


Core warehouse workshop - Holowno

Posted by E. Krzyżak  •  September 25, 2012

On 19-21.09.2012r. members of our chapter and some students who have not been members of AMU PSC, took part in the trip to the core warehouse of Polish Geological Institute in Hołowno. We took part in the workshop where we tried ours hand at describing cores. We had the opportunity to see the core coming out of the hole Narol PGI 2 potentially containing shale gas deposits from the area of ??the Lublin Basin and two other cores on which geologist who teached us is wiorking. But we also saw a remarkable tourist values of Lublin area. Beautiful nature, the hospitality with which we met and attractions offered by the Centre for Regional Education made that we learned a lot but also a help to spend a very nice time. We are thankfull to Ms. Becker, Ms. Sakowicz and Mr Janicki and Mr JóĽwiak for your time and present issues of interest to us.


AMU PSC members visit a drilling rig!

Posted by F. Bielicki  • July 11, 2012

9th of July, many of us had the first opportunity to see how work in drilling rig looks in practice. Thanks to PGNiG we have visited the Komorze 3K bore hole when natural gas is tried to find. This visit was a great chance for us to get know about the realities of working on drilling rigs, both from the technical and geological aspects.


updated: 01.08.12
We are pleased to announce that in the month after our visit, the bore hole has been completed successfully and the new conventional gas deposits was discovered in the Rotliegend beds. More about this event (in polish):

AMU Poznań Student Chapter of AAPG wish to express their thanks to PGNiG Zielona Góra, especially to: Zbigniew Halat, Cezary Strzelecki, Paweł Kaczmarowski, Remigiusz Brzychcy, Maciej Ćwik and Bartłomiej Lewicki

Expert's Lecture: Michał Filipiak (PGNiG SA)

Posted by F. Bielicki  • May 16, 2012

Another expert's lecture is behind us. This time we hosted Michał Filipiak M.Sc, a former student at our Institute who nowadays is a geologist for drilling in the PGNiG company. Our guest told us about the requirements posed in front of young workers willing to participate in the drilling, and also presented perspective of development and gave some clues how to find the work in this profession. Mr. Filipiak also gave us very valuable advice on developments that can be taken now, during the study. Photos

This was the last meeting of the AMU Poznań Student Chapter of AAPG in this academic year. However, many of the ideas, desktop applications arose during previous meetings, will be carried out both during the summer break and in the new academic year!

AMU PSC meeting and Board Election

Posted by S. Żabierek  •  May 8, 2012

Today we were be able to listen the lecture of Wojciech Górny - member of our Chapter, who told us about seismic data processing. He gained his experiences during his practics in Geofizyka Toruń Co. After lecture there was the election to the new Board of AMU Poznań Student Chapter of AAPG The vote selected a new board composed of:

President: Monika Szokaluk
Vice-president: Izabela Krechowicz
Secretary: Paweł Owczarek
Treasurer: Sławomir Żabierek

New Board began to govern at the 1st of October 2012.

Geosphere - student's geophysical workshops

Posted by F. Bielicki  • April 18, 2012

Between the 13rd and the 17th of April 2012 students from Cracow, Sosnowiec and Warsaw were our guests, who visited Poznań because of the 5th Polish Geophysical Workshops GEOSPHERE 2012. AMU Poznań Student Chapter organized that event together with the Student Geological Society of AMU and the Student Geophysical Society "GEOFON" from AGH - University of Science and Technology in Cracow. PSC members took part in few short courses and also gave the individual speeches. Field seminars were the important point of the workshops program and were held thanks to AGH University of Science and Technology and PBG Geophysical Exploration Co. Ltd. from Warsaw.


AAPG Workshop - Paul Weimer

Posted by F. Bielicki  • April 4, 2012

Three of our chapter members: Filip Bielicki, Ewelina Krzyżak and Monika Szokaluk took part in short course: The Petroleum Industry in the next Decade: An Overview to the Science, Technology, and AAPG led by Prof. Paul Weimer, AAPG President. It was held 02.04.2012 in PGI-NRI in Warsaw. The participants could learn among other things about rejuvenating old fields, deepwater basins and unconventional reservoirs. They also analysed sedimentology, stratigraphy, tectonics and geophysical data derived from example basins with simultaneous help of the lecturer. Geoscientists from the petroleum industry and researchers from the universities were also present.

The event was co-organized by Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute.


First Expert's lecture: Krzysztof Jankowski, M.Sc.(PGNiG SA)

Posted by S. Żabierek  • April 4, 2012

Poznań Student Chapter of AAPG organized it's first Expert's lecture which held on Tuesday, 03.04.2012 at 17:30 in room 14 in Collegium Geologicum UAM in Poznań. Krzysztof Jankowski, M.Sc. from PGNiG SA was our guest and told us about excavation of oil and gas in PGNiG SA Departement in Zielona Góra.


Trip to Karlino

Posted by S. Żabierek  • May 5, 2012

AAPG Poznan Student Chapter is going to integrate! Karlino is an educational trip that will be an excellent opportunity for chapter members to learn about oil output in Poland. We will also learn about the famous well eruption that occured in that area in the beginning of the eighties. Read More

Poznań Student Chapter of AAPG established

Posted by S. Żabierek  • January 20, 2012

Thanks to the students and scientists from Adam Mickiewicz University's Institute of Geology Poznan Student Chapter of AAPG affiliated by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan was officially established as 250. Student Chapter in the world! All companies and research centres from Poland as well as from all over the world are kindly welcome to co-operation. You will find more information in bookmarks at the top of this page.