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AMU PSC in Imperial Barrel Award!

Posted by S. Żabierek •  December 20, 2013

Now that official! We are pleased to announce that our chapter's members will participate in Imperial Barrel Award Competition 2014. Filip Bielicki, Szymon Belzyt, Ewelina Krzyżak, Paweł Ryder and Sławomir Żabierek form a team which will be representing us on this remarkable competition.

A European Region Final will be held in 6-8 March 2014 in Prague. Our mates have to prepare prospect of basin evaluation by analyze a dataset contain geology, geophysics, land, production infrastructure, and other relevant materials. After the eight weeks of work each team must deliver their results in a 25 minute presentation to a panel of industry experts.
Check out all participating teams!

IBA is great opportunity to work with real dataset using professional tools using in petroleum industry. Winning of european Region Final of IBA is a ticket to world's final in Huston TX, USA and compete with teams from all over the world.

We wish our representatives best of luck!

Visit at Lisewo borehole

Posted by M. Sabik, K. Borowczyk  •  December 2, 2013

AMU PSC Of AAPG trip to Lisewo boreholes went down in history thanks to our colleague Szymon Belzyt. 30th November 2013 by courtesy of Exalo Drilling S.A. we had an opportunity to visit a derrick which conducts directional drilling to gas-bearing Rotliegend layers.

After having received a short lesson on keeping the safety rules and potential hazards we started sight- seeing. We learnt about the character and work conditions on a drilling platform, how the drilling equipment works and the duties of specific services. Moreover, we even visited a core warehouse, where we could see rock specimens from three kilometers below the ground. The drilling crew told us also about hazard identification, risk assessment and reaction in emergency conditions.

We would like to pay tribute to Exelo Drilling S.A. for the opportunity to visit the rig. Our thanks goes especially to Mr. Piotr Jesionowski, who helped us with this trip and to Mr. Bartłomiej Zadworny and other company workers who devoted their time and showed us the gas rig. Our deepest thanks goes to Mr. Piotr Zieliński from Geofizyka Toruń - without his help and support our trip would not have taken place.


St. Barbara's day's trip to ¦lęża!

Posted by S. Belzyt  •  November 25, 2013

AMU Students Geological Society and AMU PSC Of AAPG invite all students for a trip organised becouse of St. Barbara's day, which will be held in 13th to 15th of december 2013. The main aim of this trip is a wonderfull Mount ¦lęża situated in Sudetic Foreland.

Get more info!

Jan de Jager in Poznan - AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Program

Posted by I. Czarnecka  •  November 20, 2013

<../img src= pics/de-Jager-leaflet.jpg width=200px; align="left"; hspace=10> On November 18th a long awaited guest arrived to our University. We had a great pleasure to host professor Jan de Jager, an exploration geologist with 31-year experience of work in Shell, where as a principle technical expert, he was responsible for the global consistency and quality of risk and volume assessments of all of Shell’s exploration prospects and projects.

He conducted for us “Risk & Volume assessment for Hydrocarbon exploration” workshop, which proved to be a very instructive event. Thanks to professor de Jager, the chapter members, students from AMU Institute of Geology and many professionals including PGI-NRI, PGNiG or University of Gdańsk had a chance to learn the basics of risk and volume assessment problem through working on data and practicing real problems.

Our chapter organized a meeting thanks to AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Program.

More extended relation will be posted soon.


New website design

Posted by S. Żabierek  •  November 20, 2013

Today our website gain new design! We hope you'll like it. All old posts and events are still here, but there are some new's. The new bookmark "Compendium" occured, which is not ready yet, but soon it will be completely updated. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our webmaster

We would also like to thank to Paweł Owczarek, who created and designed the recent version of website.

Conference Shale Gas as a Bridge Energy Carrier – from Fossil Fuels to Green Energy

Posted by F. Bielicki  •  November 13, 2013

<../img src= pics/shale-bridge.jpg width=190px; align="left"; hspace=10> On November 12, a group of the chapter members participated in the conference "Shale Gas as a Bridge Energy Carrier – from Fossil Fuels to Green Energy" organized by the Polish Geological Institute-NRI and EuroGeoSurveys. The conference was held in the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. The event was rich in significant speakers-representatives of European geological surveys and politics who presented the scope of their countries' approach to the subject of unconventional hydrocarbons.

More info on conference's website

First meeting in 2013/14 academic year

Posted by S. Żabierek  •  October 29, 2013

In 28th October 2013 first chapter meeting in new academic year took place. Beyond the members who was involved in our chapter life in last year, some fresh faces participated in the meeting. Presentation shown by Chapter's president treated about opportunities and benefits related to beeing the member of the world's largest professional geological society. Our plans and objective for forthcoming year were discused and presented. Important part of meeting was acknowlegements to Monika Szokaluk, our ex-president who was in charge in 2012-1013 AY.

New Board

Posted by S. Żabierek  •  October 1, 2013

Since October 1st 2013 new board started to run. Following Chapter Members were chosen to the board:

President - Filip Bielicki
Vice-president - Szymon Belzyt
Secretary - Izabela Krechowicz
Treasurer - Mikołaj Kowalczyk

Heads of committee:
Publicity Committee - Ewelina Krzyżak
Field Trip Committee - Sławomir Żabierek
Membership Committee - Marcin Najdzion

Board's members in pdf_icon file you can find here, or check our membership bookmark.

Grants-In-Aid 2013
(Harry and Joy Jamison Named Grant)

Posted by E. Krzyżak  •  July 1, 2013

We are proud to announce that our chapter member, Filip Bielicki has been awarded Harry and Joy Jamison Named Grant thanks to The AAPG Foundation Grants-In-Aid Program.This year the AAPG Foundation awarded 89 grants. It is the second student grant for our chapter this year Grants-In-Aid Program is made to provide financial assistance to graduate students (currently enrolled in Masters or Ph.D. programs) whose thesis research has application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-mineral resources, and/or to related environmental geology issues. Full list of awardees available here

4th International Geosciences Student Conference, Berlin

Posted by F. Bielicki  • April 28, 2013

Between April 25-28 2013 we participated in the 4th International Geosciences Student Conference in Berlin, Germany organized by the Student Geoscientific Society and AAPG/EAGE/SEG Student Chapters from Berlin and Potsdam. For four days we had a chance to i.a. visit exhibition, try trial job interviews, attend technical and poster presentations, professional workshops as well as the SEG Honorary Lecture by Per Avseth (Geophysical Adviser Odin Petroleum AS, Bergen, Norway Adjunct Professor, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway): "MIND THE GAP IN SEISMIC RESERVOIR PREDICTION: How Rock Physics Can Bridge the Gap between Qualitative Geology & Quantitative Geophysics" and EAGE Student Lecture Tour by Bjorn Wygrala (Schlumberger) "Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling: Technology and Applications for Petroleum Exploration Risk and Resource Assessments". Read More

HR Workshop

Posted by F. Bielicki  •  April 18, 2013

Chapter members were able to face issues associated with the Oil&Gas job market. Participants took part in CV check-ups and trial job interviews. After that, in lecture room, they could obtain feedback with detailed personal analysis. How to prepare a good CV/Résumé, which sentences and behaviours not express, what to put emphasis on during job seeking and much more summarizing, that's what the workshop was about.

AMU PSC member awardee of The L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant!

Posted by E. Krzyżak  •  April 10, 2013

It's our pleasure to inform You that member of AMU Poznań Student Chapter of the AAPG - Szymon Belzyt got The L.Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant which is giving by The AAPG Foundation. This year foundation got 59 grants for students from all over the world.

The L.Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant is finacial support for undergraduate students who study Earth Science. This Grant is also an award to our chapter.

Full list of winners and L.Austin Weeks bio is available here

AMU PSC First Birthday!

Posted by S. Żabierek  •  January 23, 2013

Yesterday we celebrated Our's Chapter first Birthday! A year ago,23rd of January 2012 AMU Poznań Student Chapter become oficially announced and started to run. The party took place in students'' club "Cicibór" in Poznan. Best wishes of course, many succeses in forthcoming year and only oil/gas reach reservoirs!


Expert's lecture: Directional Drilling: It's not so easy !
(Piotr Kaczmarek - Baker Hughes INTEQ)

Posted by F. Bielicki  • January 16, 2013

Once again we had a pleasure to host Piotr Kaczmarek (Directional Driller), who led the Expert's lecture titled "Directional Drilling: It's not so easy !". Mr. Kaczmarek presented applications of directional drilling, current drilling issues, basics of well planning, job specification and up-to-date techniques and tools: Downhole Motors (DHM) and Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS). We also had a chance to draw an exemplary directional well using a real well profile data set e.g. azimuth, inclination, MD, TVD, coordinates.

We are very grateful to Mr. Kaczmarek who led last three Expert's lectures devoted to drilling and petroleum geology. We do have hope that there will be another opportunity to meet again!

Expert's lecture: Slawomir Ochalik (PGNiG SA)

Posted by F. Bielicki  • January 12, 2013

This time we had a pleasure to host Slawomir Ochalik, an exploration geophysicist at PGNiG SA. Our guest's lecture under title: "Oil & Gas Horizons of the Polish Lowland: Geology, Extent and the Future" let us obtain fresh understanding of his company exploration strategy. Significant part of the lecture was recently hot topic: gas shales, so Mr. Ochalik presented, among other things, the geological setting of the Polish shale gas basins, their stratigraphy, tectonics and up-to-date exploration tools that he uses, mainly seismic and well logging. After the lecture, the discussion about shale reservoirs went off...